Monuments of Mexico City: Best Monuments to visit in 2020

Monuments of Mexico City: Best Monuments to visit in 2020

Monuments of Mexico City

The site contains Monuments of Mexico City – descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you will find answers to questions. what to see in Monuments of Mexico City, where to go. Where are the popular and interesting Monuments of Mexico City?

Monument to the Heroes-fighters for Independence

The Monument to the Heroes of the Independence established in 1910. In honor of the anniversary of the end of the Mexican War of Independence. Another name for the monument, even more commonly used among Mexicans, is the Angel of Independence. This is one of the best Monuments of Mexico City

Bronze sculptures installed on the quadrangular base of the platform. Symbolizing Peace, Law, War, and Justice. The bronze statue of a giant lion with a child expresses the strength and innocence of youth during the war. Above the base stands a column 36 meters high, which is poured out of steel and covered with decorative stone. Near the column are marble statues of Heroes. Inside the column, there is a staircase consisting of 200 steps. And the very top of the column is decorated with a bronze statue of the Victory Goddess. The statue is covered with 24 carats of gold and weighs 7 tons. In her right hand, she holds a laurel crown symbolizing Victory, and in her left. A broken chain, which is a symbol of Freedom.

Monument to the Revolution

the president \\overthrown during the revolution, and it decided to build a monument out of the building. This is the best monument among the Monuments of Mexico City.

Carlos Obregon Santachila designed the architecture of the monument in the style of Mexican socialist realism.

The monument is a mausoleum for important leaders of the revolution. Such as Francisco Madero, Venustiano, Francisco “Pancho” Villa, Plutarko Elias Calles and Lazaro Cardenas.

Under the monument a museum dedicated to the Mexican Revolution.

Archaeological Site of Santa Cecilia Atitlan

Santa Cecilia The monument created during the Chichimec culture – an ancient people who lived in Mexico in the VI century. At that time, Akatitlan located on the northwestern shores of Lake Texcoco, around which were reed thickets. Nowadays, the monument is located in the town of Santa Cecilia, which belongs to the state of Mexico. After the Spaniards conquered Mexico, Akatitlan almost destroyed. It took a long time to restore it, but now it is one of the important attractions of the country.

The main part of the monument is the pyramid, which consists of a wide staircase. Therefore, a temple on top, in which religious rites once performed. During the excavation, the pyramid collected almost by stone. An archaeological museum opened next to the excavation site in 1961.

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